The Story Behind the Brand

AFFASO garments are created based on the heritage of wax prints. The brand combines African designs, colours and storytelling with superior comfort and fit.

These are characteristics which today’s global fashion is in need of and which AFFASO offers in each and every product. By wearing it you will be inspired by its very soul.

In the past African fabrics were printed using the wax technology resulting in ‘perfect imperfection’ of the designs and colors. We will bring those old designs back to life. Today the modern digital printing is used on a comfortable fabric achieving the same unique handwriting.

Thanks to extensive collaboration with designers, merchandisers and stylists Affaso is able to create unique products. We will initially offer men’s shirts. Other product categories will be added from 2019 onward. The Affaso platform also plans to distribute products via wholesale channels.

The AFFASO brand launch is an initiative of a team with extensive experience in middle to high-end fashion companies (brands like Laura Ashley, Nike, Mexx, Vlisco, ABC, DaViva, Excellence, Uniwax, Woodin and GTP). While operating on the African continent over the past 7 years, the team identified beautiful (heritage) African prints which are considered very relevant in the current fashion trends across the globe.

The AFFASO team