The Story Behind the Brand

AFFASO is a young brand, founded in the Netherlands, with international allure and ambitions. A unique fashion brand with a very colourful soul. AFFASO is for those people who really want to wear and express something special.

We are inspired by vintage African wax prints. Every single design comes with a message, a story –a narrative that is both exotic and contemporary. These stories are so inspirational that we feel a strong urge to pass them on.

In the past, the wax prints were printed on cotton. The production process had over twenty different steps and used special techniques. As a result, there were often irregularities in the repeating patterns, making the designs original and unique.

Today, AFFASO is using new digital techniques to bring these historic wax prints back to life. We started with men’s shirts, and will soon introduce other products, for both men and women.

AFFASO has an artistic look and a traditional feel. We use comfortable fabrics and materials; our products are made with great care. We strive to reach consumers who have no desire to blend in with the crowd, but who value quality and who love adventure and freedom.

Africa’s soul is the core of everything we do: the colour, the rhythm, the expression, the zest for life, the warmth, the attention …
If that appeals to you, join our tribe!

The AFFASO team