AFfrican FAbric SOul, House of African prints.
AFFASO garments are created based on the heritage of wax prints, originally Indonesian but nowadays fully embraced by and evolved according to African fashion. Iconic in meaning, storytelling and with an individual expression. These are the values which today’s global fashion is in need of and which AFFASO offers in each and every shirt. By wearing it you will be inspired by its very soul.

AFFASO shirts are made with high quality cotton cloth for a luxurious feel. Hardly any ironing required.

In 1861, with a group of friends, William Morris started the decorating business Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co. providing beautiful, handcrafted prints. Morris was motivated by the desire to provide affordable ‘art for all’ as a protest to the upcoming industrial revolution. The hand block printing technique is similar to the batik and wax printing technique. In various countries and cultures this hand block printing became popular.

AFFASO uses a digital printing technique, a process of printing digital-based images directly onto high quality cotton cloth.

This gives us the advantage of:

– Small batches

– No over-production

– Control on waste

– Keeping the unique “perfect imperfection”

– Rich heritage on high quality fabric

Our African print designs originate from Indonesian batik where one finds the roots of wax techniques. “Perfect imperfection” is a print design with a flaw that is so perfect that it no longer appears as a flaw and becomes iconic because of its uniqueness.

AFFASO print designs are based on wax prints with a rich heritage, carefully kept and treasured in our archives. The prints are unique and in some cases more than a century old. The prints have a meaning and a story to tell you. The drawings and hand made procedure are totally authentic, resulting in the so-called ”perfect imperfection”.

No huge seasonal collections, no sales, no waste. We keep our offer limited and produce in a small family owned factory.

On our website pictures and details are available. Our investment in quality will allow our customer to use our shirts for a long time.

The wax prints are part of a nonverbal way of communication for African women, allowing them to carry their message out into the world. Some wax prints can be named after personalities, cities, building, sayings or occasions. Each design and colour can reflect local traditions and symbols such as the tribal, marriage and social status of the wearer.