Mosaic Circle print design

Circle of Life

Become a King of Style like the singer #Jeangu Mackrooy wearing our Mosaic Circle shirt performing in Dutch popular TV show DWDD. Singing Elton John’s ‘Circle of Life’ written for the famous movie and musical The Lion King. The wax print design (dated 1988) with it’s radiating overlapping circles symbolizes armour and protection.

TV show De Wereld draait door DWDD, december 11th, 2018

Exploring Art

Exploring world’s architecture and art is an exciting and favorite activity for lots of people. Find the most impressive mosaics, from Gaudi in Spain to dazzling and colorful places in South Africa. And see the timeless beauty by the colours and imperfections. Same goes for our wax print designs; the flaws created by the hand process makes the design unique.

Alhóndiga building Bilbao

AFFASO print designs do have a real heritage, we re-value, and re-define the carefully stored historical wax print designs by taking them out of our archives and giving them a new life. We believe in the power of style and what it can do in your mind while wearing the outfit you stand for. People often do underestimate the value and effect; it’s time to change this mindset.

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