This unprecedented situation forces us to stay in and make the best of it. Funnily enough this is a time of introspection, a time to tackle things that normally get shoved aside. Tidy up. Take up an old hobby again or learn a new skill. Read a book, write a story of your own, poetry, songs or drawing and painting.

So read that amazing book, let the story envelop you and let your fantasy run wild. This is how you shake off the problems of the day, discover a new world, a world as yet unknown.

Armed with this inspiration you can start creating beautiful things. Let your imagination go crazy, stop being too critical, anything goes. The most important thing is the flow of energy and creativity. When you are happy with your creation, be it written or painted, share it with us. We are eager to see the results so share them with us on

As a brand that embraces creativity in all its embodiments, we understand your drive to express your very own creativity. To express your feelings. To try and create something that contributes to this world we live in. We love writers, we love all artists. Writers, like no one else, understand the importance of telling stories. That is their passion, their destiny. Writers are pretty cool, aren’t they? They have a rich imagination, they have style, they read books.. AFFASO celebrates The Writer with six brand new shirts, each with its own unique story. Discover them all in our SHOP

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