How to up your style this spring

We are very gently venturing out again, preening our feathers. So especially for this spring we have added a few new style guides.

AFFASO shirts were designed for people with a story, people who want to stand out. It is about time the world heard your inner voice!

This is the very reason we have put new style guides on the AFFASO website. Whether that be understated and minimal or loud and colourful.

On top of any other considerations you might have, an AFFASO shirt is a very sustainable choice. Our high quality fabric and classic designs will stand the test of time.

Fresh Safari

This fresh look is created with our Dice Cube shirt in which the print colors are the compass. Follow these and arrive at a personal choice of blazer, trousers and accessories.
Click here for the look

Classice Revisited

Reset your classic mood with daring choices, which intuitively feel right. Say goodbye to the so-called lifetime safe colours. Embrace red, the colour of power and strength! Both in our ‘Hands On’ shirt as well as in a classic trenchcoat. Both will steal your heart for longer that just one season.

Join the creative tribe

Expressions of creativity, in the shape of stories, poems, drawings, photos and videos, provide comfort in these uncertain times. Our Drumbeat print shirt enables you to expose your inner feelings. We can smile, laugh out loud, share and identify with other people and feel connected. Join the tribe and be part of the language of the street.
Click here for the look

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