Communication through cloth

Wax print fabrics are associated with African culture because of their tribal patterns and motifs. Each design and colour can reflect local traditions and symbols such as the tribal, marriage and social status of the wearer.Textile around the world have always offered a means of communicating the most subtle and complex of messages through colour, patterning, materials, inscriptions and the ways in which they are worn or otherwise displayed. However only on the African continent, with its extraordinary diversity of peoples and cultures, has the practice of communicating through cloth become such a refined and subtle artform. 


This season Must-Have item

Super charge your wardrobe with this turn-head style printed shirt and happy hours while wearing will be guaranteed. Figurative prints communicate and supply personality. 

Tailored track pants are as important for the weight room as they are for (non-athletic) weekend adventures. These slim sweats are from cult athletic brand Outdoor Voices.

Talking about voices; The Met Gala holds a place in the fashion calendar similar to the Oscars’ role in the film industry, combining fashion, art, celebrity culture, and a running commentary and variety of memes on Twitter, as folks pass judgment on celebrity outfits while sitting on their couch in sweatpants. Every year a theme is allocated to the event, corresponding to the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute spring exhibition. Following last year’s controversial theme of “Heavenly Bodies the theme for 2019 will be “Camp: Notes on Fashion.”

https://www.highsnobiety.com/https://www.asics.com/  https://www.esquire.com/

Affaso House of African prints

AFFASO , House of African prints,  is the place to distinguish your personal identity.  Based on the heritage of wax prints originally indonesian but nowadays fully embraced by and evolved to African fashion. Iconic in its meaning , storytelling and individual expression. These are the values today’s global fashion is in need of and which Affaso offers in each and every unique authentic shirt. By wearing it, you will be inspired by its very soul.

Style Guru: dare to wear…..


Colors which attract, are livevy and expressive. Brown shades are a great bases and daring neutral alternative for black. Show identity and personality by combining chocolate dark brown with all kind of shades we know from famous bottles of whiskey, brandy and beers and explore the numerous possibilities. 

Paradiso Barcelona   Photo: source Dave Pinter / Flickr

Follow us! AFFASO is more than products; it’s about authenticity, storytelling, uniqueness and timeless style. We’re working on the vintage of the future with proofed creativity and quality.

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