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AFFASO is the place to distinguish your personal identity.  Based on the heritage of wax prints originally indonesian but nowadays fully embraced by and evolved to african fashion. Iconic in its meaning , storytelling and individual expression. These are the values today’s global fashion is in need of and which Affaso offers in each and every unique authentic shirt. By wearing it, you will be inspired by its very soul.

“I want to fly like an eagle

To the sea

Fly like an eagle

Let my spirit carry me’

lyrics copyright EMI Music Publishing
The Steve Miller Band

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The Orchard Music (on behalf of Late Night Tales); Audiam (Publishing), UMPI, Reservoir Media (Publishing), UBEM, ARESA, CMRRA, and 14 music rights societies

“Fly like an eagle” and other world-famous songs immediate pop up in the mind looking at this iconic African wax print. The bird being an important symbol in general in many cultures and particular in African culture. Whether an eagle or a swallow it all refers to freedom and transition which very much reflects the spirit of time. This authentic ABC wax print dated 1977; the same time-frame the Eagles made their fame. In the 1970s, fashion was all about individuality and expression. As such, many traditional fashion rules were broken and unique and androgynous looks reigned supreme.

Free yourself of conservative habits by wearing our AFFASO Speedbird shirt. See what happens when combined with a formal dark colored suit, black brogues or boots and experience the surprising difference. The codes of power dressing are changing and AFFASO has the answer to that and is ready to be your sartorial guru.


The history of the print  

Speedbird. This is a design for ABC from 1977 (A15360: 2/29840) that shows a swallow-tailed bird profiled in flight. Older versions, starting with the Brown Fleming classic (Photo 207), show both wings outstretched in a more abstract form, and this type continued alongside the new arrangement, for example A7027 (Grafton African G752), and  A15319 (2/29555). However, Speedbird’s novelty must have captured the public as another version in the profiled style quickly followed in 1978, A15438 for Logan Muckelt. Migratory birds portray ideas of distant travel and safe return. A Newton Bank engraving book records A15360 designed by FAIAD, a firm merchanting the design in Freetown, Sierra Leone; however, this may be a mistaken entry as it was more likely to have been designed in-house

Follow us! AFFASO is more than products; it’s about authenticity, storytelling, uniqueness and timeless style. We’re working on the vintage of the future with proofed creativity and quality.


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