Communication through cloth

Wax print fabrics are associated with African culture because of their tribal patterns and motifs. Each design and colour can reflect local traditions and symbols such as the tribal, marriage and social status of the wearer.

Textiles around the world have always offered a means of communicating the most subtle and complex of messages through colour, patterning, materials, inscriptions and the ways in which they are worn or otherwise displayed. However only on the African continent, with its extraordinary diversity of people and cultures, has the practice of communicating through cloth become such a refined and subtle artform.


Jungle King

The lion’s head, symbol of bravery and strength is a motif that goes back to antiquity. In its wreathed form, it was used for centuries for door knockers. However, this lion, captured mid-roar, probably owes something to the popularity of Hollywood giant Metro-Goldwin-Mayer’s logo, created by Paramount Studio’s art director Lionel S. Reiss in 1916

Credits in styleguide

AFFASO is the place to distinguish your personal identity. Based on the heritage of wax prints originally Indonesian but nowadays fully embraced by and evolved to African fashion. Iconic in its meaning, storytelling and individual expression.

Bringing unique colorful prints back to life, together with the old and new stories that go with them. We are inspired by vintage African wax prints. Every single design comes with a message, a story –a narrative that is both exotic and contemporary. These stories are so inspirational that we feel a strong urge to pass them on.

Africa’s soul is the core of everything AFFASO does: the colour, the rhythm, the expression, the zest for life, the warmth, the attention …

Dior Cruise collection 2020
A few days ago Dior presented it’s Cruise collection 2020 designed by artistic director Maria Grazia Chiuri proposing a dialogue between the Dior wardrobe and African fashion. The power of print as an universal fashion language.

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