AFFASO x MASKi: a unique face mask collaboration

Who would have thought that we would all wear face masks and that on top of that we would be proud of our masks and would love to show them off? The mask has become a unique fashion statement so stand out from the crowd and show your colourful face.

“They cover your smile, but don’t hide your style”


This is the reason why we are bringing out a limited edition African style face mask. The masks are a collaboration of casual men’s shirts AFFASO with the new brand MASKi. Together we present a selection taken from the AFFASO print designs. Would you like a unique face mask in one of our designs, hand made by the ladies from MASKi?

The face masks are €12,50 each in our webshop

Alternatively you could opt for a set of three designs of your choice for €30. Last but not least our fantastic deal of a free face mask when you order a shirt in one of our six new designs. The masks will be delivered to your home address, just like we do with our shirts. So what are you waiting for, order your unique fashion statement today!

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